Quickly diagnose problems on your oracle db thanks to the real-time feature of Lighty

Quickly diagnose problems on your oracle db thanks to the real-time feature of Lighty

Most of the time, when we have to make a real-time analysis, the first thing we look at, is the database activity from ASH (Active Session History). In many cases, this is enough to have à good explanation of what happens.

Lighty allows you to view the ASH activity through the « Activity Viewer » tab as well as special reports (Current activity (ASH)). You can also install L-ASH if you are not licensed for ASH
But sometimes we need to have an overall view of the current activity and quickly have answers to questions as:

  • Are the I/Os efficient ?
  • What are the top events ?
  • Are there blocking sessions ?
  • Is the server overloaded ?
  • What are the on going operations ?
  • Who is using the temporary space ? PGA ?
  • What are the active sqls ?

Find the answer to all your questions with the « Real Time » special tab.
This feature allows you to query real-time statistics and quickly diagnose any problems.

The control panel is organized as a dashboard .
The main advantage of using a dashboard is that you can fully customize the layout. You can add, delete tabs. You can also add, delete, move, resize gadgets in order to have exactly what you want.




Some gadgets show the instantaneous activity
They can be refreshed independently with the refresh button refreshgadget on the top right of the gadget

Gadgets showing the instantaneous activity
Monitored sqls The gadget show the current monitored sqls. You can click on the button monitored_button to display the details of a sql execution. You can also click on the sid or sql id. realtime_monitoredsql
Session long operations The gadget show the current operations with the percent done, the remaining seconds and an estimated end time. realtime_longops
Temporary space usage Identify sessions using temporary space realtime_temp
PGA usage Identify sessions using PGA realtime_workarea
Active transactions The gadget show the current opened transactions and their related objects realtime_transactions
Blocking sessions Organized as a tree, immediatly identify the blocking and the blocked sessions realtime_blocking_sessions

Some gadgets show incremental statistics computed between 2 snapshots

A snapshot is created each time a refresh action is done.
The buttons refreshbuttons allow you to manage the refresh.
For an automatic refresh, select the checkbox and the frequency in the list (10s, 30s or 60s). A count is displayed.
For a manuel refresh, click on the refresh button.



Gadgets with incremental statistics
Top events The gadget show the top events statistics including the cpu time.
You immediatly see the current database activity.
The statistics are incremental and computed between 2 refreshes.
You can expand each event line to see its histogram statistics
Latch activity The gadget show the latch statistics including the wait time between 2 refreshes. realtime_latches
Segment usage You can choose between many statistics (logical reads, physical reads,db block changes, physical writes, …).
The statistics are incremental and computed between 2 refreshes.
Event histograms Choose a system event and view its histogram statistics
The statistics are incremental and computed between 2 refreshes.

Chart gadget

The chart show the last hour activity and is automatically refreshed every minute. The datas are read from the database metrics.

realtime_chart_1 realtime_chart_2
 realtime_chart_3 realtime_chart_4

You can choose the metric among the many available statistics.

Category Chart
Active sessions Average active sessionss

Serial/Parallel sessions

I/Os Direct I/Os


Load I/Os I/Os megabytes per second

I/Os requests per second

Single block read latency

Load activity Host load

OS CPU statistics

Response time

Sqls Executions per second

Parses per second

User calls per second

User transactions per second

Redo Redo size per second

Redo writes per second

RAC DB Average global cache get time

Global cache blocks received

Objects Index scans

Index splits

Table scans

Other Enqueues

Network traffic

Most gadgets are customizable
(button gadgetoptions on the top right of each gadget)

The same gadget can be opened many times

The real-time diagnosis is one of many features included with Lighty in order to help any dba to make the right decisions

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