Lighty 1.5 : major version released !

Lighty 1.5 : major version released !

Lighty 1.5 released soon with new exciting features, and few bug fixes making Lighty For Oracle, the ideal partner for the database administrator. For more information on this update, read more …

– Tab Compare: Easily compare different workload on your database with this main new feature of Lighty 1.5 !
It is now possible to export, and import, database workload activity.
This enables you to import and compare past load periods, or compare current activity with a previous exported and reloaded workload.
Create baseline workload, make change to your system and then easily compare their impact !


– SQL Plan export : You have identified a query execution plan that you want to analyze more precisely, or simply keep a trace of it ? You can now export it in text or XML format


– A new shopping cart button in the Reports tab is introduced to let add your reports to a cart, and then export them in one go!

Among the bugfixes:

– Minor corrections on the text format export

– Changing the default display of dates in columns: the new format is: MMM d, yyyy HH: mm: ss (like: Feb 2, 2016 09:10:15)

– Adding the name of the instance, for the RAC databases, in the PGA Advice L-ASH query

To download the Lighty For Oracle update, click the Help tab and then click Check for Updates

To get more informations about this update, see documentation and use case

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