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Coming soon : Lighty for PostgreSQL

Nous sommes très fiers d’annoncer la sortie prochaine de LIGHTY FOR POSTGRESQL !

Améliorez les performances de votre base de données PostgreSQL.

Prenez note ! La version bêta de Lighty for PostgreSQL sera disponible en téléchargement dès le 26 juin 2018 !

Cette version comprendra un panel de fonctionnalités de Lighty for Oracle, adaptées au SGBD PostgreSQL.


Principales fonctionnalités :

  • Compatible avec toutes les versions de PostgreSQL depuis la version 9.6
  • Octroi de licence par site, permettant de gérer un nombre illimité de bases de données
  • Une structure sans agents réseau qui assure une installation et une maintenance rapides et légères
  • Une Analyse de Performance multi-dimensionnelle qui permet une identification des problèmes et une résolution efficiente
  • Une interface graphique optimisée permettant une représentation graphique efficace des problèmes et une navigation intuitive entre les différents indicateurs
  • Gestion des performances de plusieurs bases de données
  • Outil de diagnostic de performance Multi-OS
  • Identification des problèmes en quelques secondes seulement
  • Rapports SQL personnalisables
  • Comparaison simple entre différentes bases de données




Proud to announce the upcoming release of LIGHTY FOR POSTGRESQL!

Optimize your PostgreSQL Database performance.

Make a note! Beta release for Lighty for PostgreSQL will be available for download on June 26 2018!

This release contains a range of features from Lighty for Oracle, adapted to PostgreSQL.


Have a glimpse of the main features:

  • Available on all PostgreSQL since 9.6 release
  • Offered with one license per installation location providing support for unlimited databases
  • An architecture without software agents, which ensures a quick and lightweight installation and maintenance
  • A multi-dimensional Performance Analysis, enforcing an efficient way through problem diagnose to resolution
  • An optimized GUI which ensures an efficient graphical representation of contention and a natural navigation throughout all indicators
  • Multi-database performance monitoring
  • Multi-OS performance diagnostic tool
  • React in seconds, not hours!
  • Customizable SQL reports
  • Easy comparison between different database activity

Orachrome become partner of the event CRIP 2018 @ PARIS

We are pleased to announce our coming to the CRIP 2018 annual convention in Paris, the future of IT and digital.

On this occasion, we will present Lighty For Oracle, Orachrome’s flagship solution for the administration, tuning and monitoring of Oracle databases.

In order to be closer to our customers, we will involve a client and partner to expose his experience feedback and a case in which Lighty was a must-have for the exercise of his work.

Also present at the show, we will be happy to receive you to answer your questions and special requests during these two days under the banner of performance and digital innovation.

Do not hesitate and come to meet our experts.

Lighty 1.6.0 : New Features

This version come with new Features :

  • Monitoring: allows you to have email alerts for 3 metrics (CPU, Active Sessions, I / Os)
  • The SqlReportWizard: Allows you to create your own reports, or to duplicate and modify existing reports
  • Improvement of the comparative tab and the activity viewer: button previous and next day, possibility to compare the current source over different periods
  • Improvement of the sql plan: you can click on an object (name of the object in blue) and see its characteristics displayed in a sql report (when available)
  • Job Report that also allows you to stop / restart a job
  • Compare AWR reports
  • Generate statspack report in sqlreport, using an ssh connection (to be configured in the database info window)
  • Coloring by event class in the event system graph and adding a grouping type by class
  • Possibility of defining the number of retention days of the L-ASH data for each database (information window of the database)
  • Accessible Help Offline



Lighty 1.4.4, Orachrome new revolution

The last month, Orachrome announcing Lighty 1.4.3. Today his successor appeared with more features !

The new version 1.4.4 will save you time.

Now you can import and / or export your connections between Lighty software. The export can be done in CSV. You can also kill a session from the interface.

In addition you will have more detailed information about your databases. A new button « on / off » will allow easier access to tracks of a session. Furthermore, you can launch a snap Statspack / AWR and L-ASH / ASH from the interface. It will allow you to have an account customizable schedule your sessions.

Have you got questions ? Contact us at or +33 4 84 25 11 28.

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ANOUNCING : Lighty for mobility performance monitoring !

Engagement, quick win and win-win relationchip, are the values that Orachrome try to build with customers.

Lighty, have for target to give the best delay of Return On Investment (R.O.I.) for partners (customers, suppliers, partners,…).

March 2016, the new version (1.4.3) including news fonctions than improved Lihgty in a mobility situation.

Severals buggs, particulary ID Hardware problems are fixed, and many new functions are available.

DOWNLOAD IT NOW ! Try the best tool to pilot the Oracle Database !