Archives du mois - novembre 2017

Lighty 1.6.0 : New Features

This version come with new Features :

  • Monitoring: allows you to have email alerts for 3 metrics (CPU, Active Sessions, I / Os)
  • The SqlReportWizard: Allows you to create your own reports, or to duplicate and modify existing reports
  • Improvement of the comparative tab and the activity viewer: button previous and next day, possibility to compare the current source over different periods
  • Improvement of the sql plan: you can click on an object (name of the object in blue) and see its characteristics displayed in a sql report (when available)
  • Job Report that also allows you to stop / restart a job
  • Compare AWR reports
  • Generate statspack report in sqlreport, using an ssh connection (to be configured in the database info window)
  • Coloring by event class in the event system graph and adding a grouping type by class
  • Possibility of defining the number of retention days of the L-ASH data for each database (information window of the database)
  • Accessible Help Offline